Vacationing with Your Autistic Child

Vacationing with Your Autistic Child

October 2, 2021 Off By James C. Geren

My child’s speech therapist motivated me to take him to Disney Globe when he was three years old. “They have an unique support card and also they welcome youngsters with autism,” she claimed. “As well as it will certainly help his language advancement.” Well, that’s all the convincing I required! On our first day, I was enjoying teary-eyed as my kid hugged Pooh and Tigger with one of the most involved, connected smile I had seen in months. Currently Walt Disney Globe is our favored trip destination.

If you have actually dreamed regarding taking your kid with autism to Disney World, yet assumed you or your kid could not handle the obstacles it can include, I have one tip, “Go!” The look on your youngster’s face will certainly be worth the effort and cash you put into this journey. When you make the most of the unique lodgings Disney offers to youngsters with autism, you as well as your kid will certainly have a remarkable time. Here are some ideas for a magical trip with Mickey Mouse.

Planning Your Journey

Two outstanding sources are the yearly overview publication, Birnbaum’s Walt Disney Globe, and the internet site, All Ears The web site consists of tips for enjoying Disney with children with autism, special diet plans, ride testimonials, as well as extra. You can make your own Disney picture cards from the site’s photos to assist your kid get ready.

When to Go

Preventing peak season groups and also the summer months is suggested. Take a couple of times off from institution (hi, this is therapy) to prevent the weekend and holiday crowds, particularly if you can obtain a good plane tickets (e.g., $200 round-trip). Certain off-peak months, such as November, provide the most effective climate and also cheapest hotel rates. A blast can be had also for a quick getaway of 3 days.

Flight terminal Strategies

No youngster with autism can be an angel while traveling on an aircraft, however preparing your kid ahead of time with an aesthetic routine as well as picking a non-stop, early morning trip will certainly make the journey easier for him to deal with. Pack your carry-on bag with water, chewy and also crispy snacks, and also sensory toys. If possible, arrange beforehand to have your child seated beside a window, with no busy seats in front of him. At the protection gateways, most likely to the handicapped entryway, which will cut your wait in line. Since the alternate protection check often tends to be a lot more detailed, you can ask the mosaic to touch your child as little as feasible.

At eviction, ask to seat your youngster prior to the various other travelers board the airplane. If desired, you can keep your youngster in a baby stroller or mobility device right up until you board. As you board, advise the assistants that your child might pronounce or squirm. I locate that an upbeat as well as caring attitude (as opposed to appearing anxious or ashamed) earns even more tolerance for my boy’s uncommon behaviors– I’ve never ever been hassled concerning my child’s habits on the plane.

If you’re not leasing an auto, consider scheduling a limo ($ 100 round-trip) to take your household to your resort. Another alternative is to take to the Disney bus, which is usually provided in the hotel admission. Nevertheless, the limousine quits at the supermarket, and also you can save a little lot of money by acquiring snacks and breakfast foods.

Disney Resort Hotels

I favor to stay in the Walt Disney Resort Hotels, instead of off-site. But among these hotels, extra costly is not always better– we liked All Stars Films ($ 80/night) a lot more than the Contemporary ($ 250/night) for its superior swimming pools, much better food court, as well as overall extra fun atmosphere. My boy likewise delighted in the Boardwalk hotel. I assumed the Port Orleans/French Quarter hotel was also excellent, although it’s hard to defeat the youngster charm of All Stars Movies. Since my child is particularly conscious sound, I request a silent area as opposed to a space by the pool (whatsoever Stars, swimming pool music can be heard in some of the spaces) and also utilize a white noise maker. A totally free mini refrigerator is available for medication, if required. Suggestion generously daily as well as housekeeping might leave “surprises” in your area.

The Guest Help Card

This free card assists a kid with autism, who might end up being bewildered by long waits or groups, appreciate Disney destinations. To ask for one, opt for your kid to Visitor Solutions located inside the entryway of the park. Bring a doctor’s note suggesting that your child has autism. This card may enable you use the Rapid Pass Return line or alternating entryway for destinations as well as use your child’s baby stroller as a wheel chair, so you can wheel it right as much as the rides. Typically, you’ll wait just a couple of mins to board flights making use of the card. It will also offer you assigned seating at shows. If you show your card to the costumed personality’s trainers, Mickey or Pluto will certainly understand that your kid may requirements special dealing with from his Disney chums. The card fits perfectly into a Samsonite boarding pass holder ($ 10, Target), which comes in handy since you’ll be showing it a whole lot.

Appreciating The Style Parks

Provided all the walking you’ll be doing, it’s fortunate that Disney Globe is one location where no person will check out you amusing for having an older youngster in a baby stroller. We typically park our baby stroller, walk around for some time, and come back to it when my kid burns out. If your old Graco won’t do, you can lease an unique demands stroller to be delivered to your hotel (movement devices The park rental infant strollers are difficult and also low to the ground, like our Zoo rental strollers, however in a pinch, they’re better than nothing.

Youngsters with autism may choose the more calm rides, or perhaps the monorail. My child likes most Magic Kingdom tourist attractions, yet his favored rides are the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority, It’s A Small World, as well as he truly enjoys checking out Minnie’s Lodge in Toon Land. I like Epcot’s World Showcase in the afternoons and for supper prior to dark falls. At Epcot, my child is bewitched by the garden train trains in Germany, and also he likewise likes the slow-moving boat trips in Mexico as well as Norway. Don’t miss “The Land” boat trip and also Innoventions. If you tote a swim match, your kid can romp in Epcot’s water fountain backyard.

Whenever possible, we leave the parks no behind dinner time. The every night ceremonies and also fireworks, while thrilling, are shateringly loud. When you’re truly exhausted, taking a taxi back to the hotel instead of the bus is worth the $10-$ 15 price. If your youngster is still raring to go after dark, the resort swimming pools as well as play areas are a choice. We such as to wind-down by walking around the All-Stars premises– my child’s favored destination is Herbie, the Love Insect.


Does your child often tend to stray? This assists me: I maintain photos of my kid in my knapsack, placed an ID tag on him, and outfit him in strong, vibrantly colored t shirts so he’s very easy to area (looks good in photographs, also!). If your kid strays, promptly tell a Disney worker. They have special training as well as will find him promptly. Read the article in this link for more tips on coping with children with autism,