Myth And Legend In The West

Myth And Legend In The West

August 21, 2019 0 By James C. Geren

Until now, the history of REIKI in the West has only been transmitted orally and told differently by many REIKI masters and teachers.

Because no one here knew the truth about Mikaomi Usui, how he practiced and taught REIKI or what became his USUI-REIKI healing society.

A monk living in Japan at the end of the 19th century, who after a long spiritual search and travels to many countries around the world, rediscovered REIKI and the natural healing system with his hands in the holy scriptures.

We went with him to the holy mountain “Kurama” in Kyoto, where he received a revelation after 21 days of fasting, meditation, prayer and singing sacred songs.

And we imagined him becoming unconscious during this “inspiration” thanks to the high energy of REIKI and by experiencing in a state of higher consciousness how he was blessed to channel REIKI, transmit to others and teach.

We were amazed at the miracles he experienced in himself and others with REIKI and we were not sure or sceptical about whether we could be equally strong REIKI channels.

In us, the SALLE of the higher sense flourished as he dedicated his life to this teaching out of gratitude and humility and introduced many people to the energy and mystery of REIKI.

We waited with those who moved into their neighborhoods outside the walls of REIKI school and asked for their admission and initiation.

And waiting seven years could be a long time for some until the door opens further than a simple crack to pass through the bowls of water and rice and we could answer the question of whether we still and really want to be initiated into REIKI with a heartfelt yes.

We felt and wept inwardly with him when we heard that out of compassion he treated many beggars in vain and that he was bitterly disappointed when these REIKIs did not appreciate or use for themselves.

He then had the feeling of having given this wonderful energy and desperately accused himself of not having acted correctly.

We realized that he recommended the rules of life as an important tool to support the development of spiritual awareness and practiced them daily.

And of course, we respected without questioning whether during his lifetime he was recognized and honored as a Grand Master by his initiated and trained REIKI disciples and masters, and that this tradition continued in Japan even after his death.

And it didn’t hurt anyone to know REIKI and understand Mikao Usui and to recognize him as a very special and magnanimous person. Learn more insights about via the link.

Today, we know that all this is not entirely correct, because a true biography of Mikao Usui and his life work has appeared, which everyone can read.

Because no matter what we have been told about REIKI and what we can personally transmit, whether we lay our hands on ourselves or others directly or remotely or whether we are simply meditating with the fluid, elevating, harmonious.

And fine energies of REIKI in contact and can be aware of them, we recognize the true message, the wonderful essence and the healing effect of the universal life energy and only this counts.