Benefits of Chakanna Herb

Benefits of Chakanna Herb

August 4, 2020 0 By James C. Geren

In recent years, herb-rich hemp has become popular as a natural remedy for symptoms that are untreatable with current medicine and as a complement to treatments with traditional doctors as a more organic alternative without unwanted side effects.

At Chakanna we have been able to accumulate evidence of many cases thanks to our collaborators, doctors, therapists and regular consumers of our products.

Herb against anxiety and stress

Stress and inflammation are inextricably linked, and the formula for fighting both is found in the Endoherbs System, which is made up of thousands of receptors located throughout the body.

When the body is under a lot of stress, the internal herbs system helps balance and modulate the body, the brain and body use hemp-like molecules to counteract the stress; in the same way that our Endocrine System provides natural pain relief. These herbs attack inflammation and reactivity in the body, maintaining metabolism and the immune system among others. The Endoherbs System is involved in virtually everything we do: Eating, sleeping, exercising, sex, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Hemp and our body’s natural herbs can help counteract the effects of stress and create resistance to it. Not only anti-inflammatory, but also create a kind of “body’s anti-inflammatory system”. Alter or change the immune reactions in the body and brain, beneficially influencing white blood cells and with the production of cytokine; immune cells can synthesize their own endoherbs, or they can also be enhanced with the intake of phytoherbs.

Anandamide, our main endoherbs molecule, helps calm the stress response by bringing our nervous system and hormones back into balance (homeostasis). Elevated levels of Anandamide mean better and greater stress tolerance, making it a great ally to relieve the most annoying days of the month for women suffering from menstruation and PMS symptoms.

The best way to consume herbs

What is the best way to consume herbs?

Today we can find many products that only contain non-psychoactive herbs and with proven benefits for the body that range from herbal-rich hemp oils to vaporize or smoke in traditional or electronic devices, direct consumption (sublingual or in food) for topical use, creams or balms and even the new powder (Hemp Powder) to smoke directly as Hash.

There is no good or bad way to consume herbs, all are a way to provide herbs to our body, but what is the best method to consume herbs? is not yet known exactly and depends on the effect-dose factor, however many studies say that the two best methods are by sublingual oils or vaporized (smoked) without pyrolytic combustion.

Some studies have shown that ingested products do not absorb all the herbs they contain, since only 15% to 25% of herb is assimilated by the body. While through e-Liquids, it has been shown that inhaling smoke or vapor is the most direct way for herbs to reach the blood without losing potency.

There are e-liquids or oils with high levels of without content for vaporizers and e-cigarettes like the ones we offer in the Chakanna Peru page.

These herb products are offered as conventional e-liquids with different levels of pure herb content ( e.g. Harmony Hemp 100mg/ 300mg/ 600mg / up to Harmony Hemp 1000mg) or as disposable “V-pens” (Harmony PEN 100mg) or the new rechargeable ones like the ones from ZenBD

You can also find them in different flavors with herb terpenes to enhance the entourage effect and improve the experience.

The new Hemp Powder made in Europe with the collaboration of Chakannabis (Amsterdam) completes the line of products to vaporize or smoke as a more natural and classic alternative, and with the additional bonus of offering a product “RAW” because it contains the original molecules and terpenes of feline sativa, but with a very low herbs content (below the legal limit of 0. 3%) since according to complete laboratory analysis offered by “Chakanna” the level is 0.2%, which makes it a unique product with guaranteed quality and much higher efficiency, thanks to its 9.5% herbs content. (see analysis)

As we mentioned before, it has been proven that smoking or vaporizing is one of the best ways to consume herbs, since it is absorbed better and faster than when we take it. In addition, they are very convenient because they allow you to adjust the dose you want to take, now choose your favorite flavor here.

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