An Overview – Financial Markets

An Overview – Financial Markets

June 4, 2022 Off By James C. Geren


In common parlance, a market is a place where trading takes place. Whenever we consider markets, a photo that flashes across our minds is of a location that is really active, with buyers as well as sellers, some sellers, heckling at the top of their voices, trying to persuade clients to get their products. A place abuzz with vibrancy and also energy.

At the beginning of human beings, people were self-dependent. They expanded every point they needed. Food was the main commodity, which could be really quickly grown in the backyard, and for the non-vegetarians, forests were open without any restrictions on hunting. Nevertheless, with the advancement of human beings, the needs of every being expanded; they required clothes, wares, instruments, tools as well as lots of other points which might not be quickly made or generated by a single person or household. Thus, the demand of a typical area was felt, where individuals who had a commodity to provide and individuals that required that product, could collect please their shared requirements.

With time, the fashion in which the marketplaces functioned altered and created. Markets came to be increasingly more sophisticated as well as specialized in their transaction so regarding conserving time as well as area. Various kinds of markets came into being which focused on a particular sort of commodity or purchase. In today’s globe, there are markets that satisfy the demands of makers, vendors, ultimate consumers, youngsters, women, males, trainees, and whatnot. For the conversation of the topic at hand, the various kinds of markets that exist in the present day can be generally identified as items markets, service markets, and also monetary markets. The present short article looks to offer an introduction to Financial Markets.


According to Encyclopedia II, ‘Financial Markets’ mean:

1. Organizations that help with trade-in economic items. i.e. Stock market promotes the sell supplies, bonds, and also warrants.
2. The coming together of purchasers as well as vendors to trade economic products i.e. stocks, as well as shares, are traded between customers as well as vendors in a number of ways consisting of the use of stock market; directly in between purchasers as well as vendors, etc”.

Financial Markets, as the name recommends, is a market where different financial tools are traded. The instruments that are sold in these markets vary in nature. They remain in reality tailor-made to suit the requirements of numerous individuals. At a macro level, people with excess cash provide their money to the people that need it for financial investment in different types of jobs.

To make the discussion less complex, let’s take the aid of an example. Mr. X has Rupees 10 lacs as his cost savings which are lying still with him. He wants to spend this money so that over a period of time he can increase this amount. Mr. Y is the promoter of ABC Ltd. He has a company model, but he does not have sufficient financial methods to begin a firm. So in this situation, Mr. Y can utilize the money that is existing idle with people like Mr. X and also start a firm. Nevertheless, Mr. X may be a person in Kolkata as well as Mr. Y might be in Mumbai. So the problem in the here and now scenario is exactly how does Mr. Y familiarize that a certain Mr. X has cash which he is willing to invest in an endeavor which is similar to the one which Mr. Y wishes to begin?

The above trouble can be resolved by supplying a commonplace, where people with surplus cash can activate their financial savings in the direction of those who need to invest them. This is exactly the function of economic markets. They, via numerous tools, fix simply one trouble, the problem of setting in motion financial savings from people who want to invest, to individuals that can actually spend. Therefore from the above conversation, we can co-relate how financial markets are no different in spirit from any other market.

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